TNK founded on 10th October 1987 till now over 30 years. We are proudly to be one of the electronic & electrical components manufacturer in Malaysia. TNK has herald its entrance into the real of manufacturing home appliances components.

Our Vision: Prestigious Manufacturing to delivering contemporary customers satisfaction engagement in Malaysia.

Our Mission: Provide Safety and Quality Products & Services Through Competitive Cost and Increase Productivity, Prompt Delivery persist to become a well known brand of the country assure our Customers a better lifestyle.


TNK Value’s & Objective’s

1. Customer

Committed to provide trusted and integrated products and services to our respective lifetime customers to enhance customer satisfaction and products awareness with CRM.

Objective: Build Higher Quality Brand Reputation and Awareness through online and offline, develop quarterly Salas Activities Plan to improve Quality effectiveness on delivery with competitive production cost.


2. Products

Professional manufacturer authenticity products and services through TQM.

Objective: Persist to become top quality and safety in manufacturing Power Cords, Wire harness, and automotive products with Flexible Mass customization through SKD, OEM and System Integrated Service.


3. Employees

Strong spirit and mutual understanding with respectful employees with self management and teamwork Dynamic.

Objective: Improve Team Work and Efficiency through monitoring Jobs Responsibility, Authority Procedures and Rewarded Systems.


4. Shareholders

To strengthen shareholders’ return on investment as well as to share the fruitful result with all employees.

Objective: Financial Stability ability for Business Needs Is necessary, Increase the Automation Systems to reduce the labor intensive jobs and analysis the financial ratio.


5. Society

Our success oriented through CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) and Eco Green Culture Harmonies.

Objective: Supportive Organization and met all the Legalization Requirement and Continue met ISO14001.


6. Firm’s Philosophy

Never surrender until we achieved our vision through integrity way.

Objective: Established Teamwork Organization Standard with Government Organization Support integrate to Business Strategy, Training and motivation.


7. Self-concept

Our advantages is our excellent services, brand reputation and legalization

Objective: Improving the Skilled and Knowledge of the Worker with Well established Networking competencies to Develop New Products and Markets


8. Market

Become best qyality, good services in trade leaders market of EMS.

Objective: Improving the SEA Country Sourcing and Markets development by international trades


9. Technology

Through technology architecture, we achieve excellent management improvement (Industrial 4.0)

Objective: Automation and Customers Project Improvement, Invest in Automation systems able to Flexible Mass Customization to reduce the Competition from SEA country and Professionalized in house Expertise aligned the Capitalized Automation process emerging with existing ERP systems throughout Industries 4.0



Established in 1978 in Taman Maluri, Cheras, Chuan Seng Hin Sdn Bhd is a Malaysian owned company.

Was started off as an agent to ITT Television and dealt in electronic components mainly imported from Japan and distributed to the local market.

Moved to Jalan Pasar, Pudu and formed its first retail outlet- Syarikat Instraco Sdn Bhd. Started concentrating on expanding its client base especially in the Northen and Southen region of the country.

In the late 80s, its business was expanding to East Malaysia – Sabah & Sarawak.

In 1987, TNK Electronic Manufacturing Sdn Bhd was established. Continued moving toward the new era of technology development and hoping to translate our business goals into action.

In 1989, TNK Holdings Sdn Bhd was established.

In 2003, Chuan Seng Hin Sdn Bhd awarded the Golden Bull Award 2003: Malaysia 100 outstanding SMEs that clarify the execellent performance of the company along the years.

In 2004, TNK established ERP systems to manage overall management systems.

In 2006, Chuan Seng Hin’s affiliated company – TNK Electronics Manufacturing Sdn Bhd received MS ISO 14001: 2004, Environmental Management Systems – Requirements with Guidance for Use.

Our In-house brand Dynamax had been awarded ASIA PACIFIC SUPER EXCELLENT BRAND on 5th March 2009 at Genting International Convention Centre. This award is recognized throughout Asia Pacific and is organized by Asia Entrepreneur Alliance, a non-profit organization dedicated to promote branding.

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