Warranty Terms & Conditions

  1. This warranty is TNK general warranty
  2. The warranty is extended to only customer in Malaysia stated on the product
  3. The warranty covers for a period, starting from the date of purchase
  4. The warranty shall be void if : (a) abnormal usage ( Out of specifications) or conditions, exposure to excessive moisture water and flooding.(b) Unauthorized modification, wrong or improper installation (i.e Not to instruction).(c) Unauthorized opening or tempering of surge protector and removal or defacing of security stickers
  5. The Warranty shall deem to have expired once the surge protector is damaged or “self –destruct “due to lightning surge or other electrical surges, the customer shall have to make new
  6. The said warranty shall deem to have once clause (5) comes into effect or when a claim is made. This is not with standing the fact that the warranty period is still applicable
  7. Reactivation of the said warranty for a further period of can be made once customer purchase a 12 month with or paid the extended warranty charges
  8. In the event claim, the manufacturer or its authorized service centers shall at its option to repair or replace part with a new or factory rebuilt replacement items and return the product sprat thereof the customer in working condition without charge
  9. To make claim the customer must send (a) the damaged TNK products .Photocopies of customer IC, purchase receipt and damage product (F) to the nearest service center or appointed agent
  10. Exclusions : The manufacturer shall not be liable for service charges: periodic maintenance check up : losses due to downtimes: cost of programming or re-programming or loss of program: incidental or consequential damage or loss of anticipated service : benefits , loss or impairment of date : transportation, handling, or deliver charge to and from the service center and charges incurred in removing and reinstalling TNK products
  11. The manufacturer reserves the right to visit and inspect the alleged affected site
  12. All warranty information, product features and specifications are subjected to change without notice


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